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Jody Greig is an experienced and professional close-up magician. He prides himself on being able to entertain your guests with his award winning (Forth Valley Magic Circle Champion 2010) and amusing style of close-up magic. Jody understands modern day audiences and combines the most stunning effects with a rich blend of humour.  He continually develops his act so every spectator has a front row seat for a special performance!

Like a good DJ, Jody mixes seamlessly in a sophisticated manner to create an ambiance of amazement and amusement. His high impact style of magic is engineered to bring people together and create entertaining moments of wonder that will leave an ever-lasting magical memory. With his many years of experience working as a professional magician, Jody knows exactly how to work with clients, customers and corporations to achieve satisfaction. He thrives upon creating and designing magical entertainment that suits your values and ensures people come to you!

Previous clients include: Virgin Atlantic, Best Western, Disney, Heart of Midlothian FC, Hard Rock Café, Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC), Vivant, Medusa, Muse & VUE.

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Jody is an experienced entertainer with in depth knowledge of his field. He excelled at keeping his audience in awe and showed a level of professionalism rarely seen these days. Smartly turned out, Jody turned up on time and worked hard all night to ensure all our customers were thoroughly entertained and mystified by his wide range of fantastic close up magic!

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Walk around magic

A branch of close-up magic where the magician roams a room or at an event and performs for groups of spectators. Walkaround magic is also known as strolling magic.

Close-up magic

close-up magic or table magic is magic performed in an intimate setting usually no more than ten feet (three metres) from one’s audience and is usually performed while sitting at a table.


Cabaret magic is magic that is done for larger audiences than close-up magic and for smaller audiences than stage magic.

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Organising an event can be quite a challenge and that includes deciding what magician to hire.  Jody uses his years of experience as a professional magician to make sure that he will help make this decision easy whilst also guaranteeing a quality service. From the moment you make contact with Jody, he will consult with you on how to get the best from his magician services. From the booking process through to job completion, Jody will make sure his service will be of the highest quality. Jody understands the importance of providing piece of mind, satisfaction as well as entertaining your guests with his award winning, close-up magic.

If you have any enquiries about wedding or party magic, corporate events or magic shows then please feel free to contact Jody and he will be delighted to help you.